The global men’s movement to inspire men to live a special forces lifestyle for Jesus Christ.

The global men’s movement to inspire men to live a special forces lifestyle for Jesus Christ.

The global men’s movement to inspire men to live a special forces lifestyle for Jesus Christ.

Introducing Soulcon

Men’s Movement for a Digital World

Pointing to The Way along the way

In a fallen world, there’s a struggle to remain faithful to the call God has placed on lives of men. We face endless physical, mental and spiritual battles. Some are won, some are lost but they must be fought. This world needs warriors. Men who will rise to the challenge and fight for their families, their friends and themselves. The problem is that fewer than 10% of churches are able to maintain an effective men’s movement. So how will Soulcon lead the way?

How Do We Do It?

MOBILIZE Soulcon is the solution to this gaping hole within the church. We are not a church but a gathering of men who support the local church by strengthening and challenging men to be better servants, leaders, fathers, husbands and financial givers.

UNITE Many men live in isolation. Soulcon is a strong community of men of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. We are not just an event or gathering. We connect men in a deeper community and cultivate a true brotherhood with other men in their area.

EQUIP Through the Soulcon Challenge and Online Community, Soulcon is committed to training men spiritually, mentally and physically to be active warriors for Christ.

STRENGTHEN We have strategically structured Soulcon so that we can be a digital, on going, plug and play men’s movement to help the local church. Pastors all over the world are currently leveraging Soulcon as their men’s movement. Simply put, we are stronger together. Feel free to contact us below to find out how to become a partner.

You Are Not Alone


Find Faith-filled Friends
Soulcon is focused on developing a warrior inspired brotherhood that connects like-minded men.

Grow in Accountability
Fewer than 1% of churchgoing men participate in any ongoing men’s movement program. The Soulcon community helps brothers in Christ stay accountable.

Ignite Your Faith
Soulcon is dedicated to encourage men to be, like Joshua, a warrior for Christ. “But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15b (NLT)

Connected Community

The Soulcon community unites Christian men as they strengthen each other along their personal faith journey.

Soulcon is a constant reminder to men that we are to worship Christ not just spiritually, but mentally and physically as well.


Team Building
The Soulcon Challenge is a great resource to build a warrior team in your local church community.

Workout Videos & Plans
Now you have a trustworthy source for the highest quality workout content with a Gospel focus.

Meal Plans & Recipes
Easy meal plans focused to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Weekly Teachings
Concise weekly video teachings to inspire you to live more bold in your relationship with the Lord Jesus daily.

Available Online Community
Living accountable to other men is crucial to our growth as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Weekly Challenges
Participate and share results with the Soulcon Community Group. It’s a blast!