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This book is designed to help take men from go from an Al Bundy lifestyle to one like Chris Kyle. Men who are longing to be in the battle and will go through the training to be used by God in this war for souls. This book will push men to be their best for Jesus with the purpose of sharing the Gospel in every area of their lives. During the 6 week special forces challenge men will read through a fictional experience with 11 other guys at the fictional SOULCON Training Center. During this read there is a test-in, test-out, two max weeks, a fast day, and even a Hell Week. Itโ€™s all for the glory of God, and it is a BLAST! If youโ€™re ready for a transnational challenge, this book is for you!

โ€I have completed three of the Soulcon Challenges. I love it!! If you are wanting to breakout of the mundane and be a warrior for Jesus Christ, then this book and the Soulcon Challenge is for you. If you want to be a wimpy, why canโ€™t I have my way โ€˜manโ€™ donโ€™t buy this book and donโ€™t read it!!! Because you will be stirred and challenged to be a warrior for Jesus Christ!โ€
Mike Napier

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Soulcon Challenge Book

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English (paperback)

Soulcon Challenge Book

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English (paperback)


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