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Gibborim is a Hebrew word that describes a group of warriors in the Bible, known as “mighty men.” This is a podcast hosted by Cody Bobay about the projects, vision and men’s movement happening with Gibborim Studios. Join us behind the scenes as we share information about the upcoming Gibborim series, the latest stories being released from Gibborim Productions, and talk about how to become modern day mighty men. There are episodes that are member-exclusive and so the numbering of the episodes in your podcast feed will be inconsistent.

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Recent public episodes

  • This message is from Cody Bobay when he recently spoke as a guest speaker at Bcoming Church in Decatur, AL.
  • The hard reality is that our body is either a tool to worship God, or a tool for the Enemy to destroy our soul. There is no grey area. 
  • As season 4 of the Gibborim Podcast kicks off, we have the opportunity to celebrate the global release of Hold the Pass together. This is going to be an exciting day for Gibborim Studios. Check out this podcast to hear details and the heart of season […]
  • Make sure to download the Gibborim App and see the BTS, the fitness and nutrition tips, and join the largest social community for Christian men on the planet today. 
  • In this episode Cody shares the importance of living all in for Jesus. Being a man that takes risks for the calling God has given you, and not allowing the lure of the idol of safety to stop you from living as the sacrifice God has […]
  • The word “can’t” crushes our ability to do what God’s word says we can do. This 10 min podcast will inspire you to move from the can’t seat to the seat of power in the Kingdom of God. Definitely one you don’t want to miss! 

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