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Joining the Gibborim means being on the front lines as all projects are released and being a part of community that will know they were there from the beginning. It means early access to and direct participation in our entertainment projects, including the Gibborim series itself. Participation in Old Testament warrior-based training and nutrition programs.

If you choose to participate in every possible activity offered to the Gibborim, it would look like this:


  • Gibborim Series is in development and is being produced by veteran filmmakers spread out over multiple seasons that follows the lives of the heroic and complex Old Testament warriors.
  • Exclusive access to behind the scenes documentary videos about the production of the Gibborim series. You’ll watch from the front row as every element of the creative and technical process comes together for the most ambitious Bible-based entertainment ever attempted.
  • Exclusive notifications for casting calls and other opportunities to get involved in the productions.

Gibborim App

  • Join the largest digital community of Christian men on the planet today. This is where you will get the social media functionality of the app, the fitness programs, the daily devotionals, and the livestreams by Cody Bobay and the leadership team.


  • Exclusive access to the Gibborim podcast hosted by Cody Bobay including bonus episodes only available to the Gibborim. Cody discusses the stories of the Bible, topics of the day, what it means to be a modern day mighty man, and interview compelling guests.


  • Exclusive access to workout plans, nutrition programs, and life application content from Cody Bobay, based on the characters and stories being told. You will be able to train and condition your body in the unique way the athlete warriors of the Bible did.

How to Join:

  1. Join the Gibborim by clicking the gold button below and completing your membership purchase.
    • Note: You could subscribe directly from inside the app, but then the app store keeps 30% of all the revenue (even recurring memberships) and greatly undercuts our mission. So if you are not yet a member, please consider joining from the button below instead of the app.
  2. Wait for the ‘Activate Your Gibborim Studios App’ email to arrive (it should arrive within a day). While you wait you can download the app to your phone and login, but you won’t be able to reach members-only functions until you receive the activation code. For now, start with the Community and Soulcon sections.
    • Don’t subscribe again inside the app, or you’ll be double-charged (once from the website, and again from your app store). We know you’re excited, but just standby for the activation email. 
  3. When you get the email, follow the quick steps inside it to activate your app, and you’re good to go!