I hope that grabbed your attention. My goal is to get you to stop scrolling, read this, and process some information with a mind that isn’t numb to “what the next person is saying, or doing” on social media.

First, I need you to hear that the worst thing we can do as humans is to act only because other people tell us to act, or act just because other people are taking action. We tell our kids constantly, “just because everyone else does it, doesn’t mean you have to.” This is common sense with parenting kids to train their minds to not give into peer pressure. And what is this focused to get our kids to do…?

The focus is to get our kids to move through life with the skill of critical thinking, not with a numb brain, or a soul without a backbone. We want our kids to act from what they believe is right, no matter how much peer pressure is surrounding them, because doing the right thing is difficult. We pray and labor with our kids to get them to learn and apply that, but unfortunately, along the way we forgot the power of this principle…

Now, to clarify, I am not talking about whether or not you should get a vaccination.

I am writing this to tell you, and I pray it helps your mind become alert, that no matter how advanced science gets, there will never be a vaccination to prevent adults from acting without applying critical thinking.

There will never be a vaccination to cure stupidity.

One thing to clarify, I don’t believe there is a stupid person on this planet. I believe each of us have been magnificently created by God and given an incredible purpose and destiny. But, there are brilliant people who act in stupidity every day. And my goal here, is to wake every one up from the virus of stupidity that is sweeping across the planet.

Stupidity in the definition is acting without intelligence or living in a state without intelligence. What is intelligence? Intelligence is living without acquiring or applying the knowledge you have acquired.

I started writing and speaking to Christians about health in 2009. Christians know how dangerous gluttony is, Christians know God hates the sin of gluttony. And like any sin, it separates humans from intimacy with God and sin brings a destruction to humanity that God didn’t create us to experiences.

Christians don’t need me to speak and write about this, they already know it, but you know what? Christians still joke about eating like gluttons (an out of control lust for food or dangerous beverages that are consumed), they joke about being obese, and they will hear facts and ignore them because applying discipline makes them feel uncomfortable.

And challenging people to be uncomfortable in our world full of snowflakes causes hurt feelings. And good grief, hurting feelings is so sinful right? 100% wrong. The Bible says a wound from a friend is a better than a kiss from the enemy. And we know as parents, we discipline our kids because we love them and we want the best for them. Speaking truth in love is the best thing we can do for the world around us, no matter the cost to our reputation.

The problem with our world isn’t an external issue, like vaccinations or obesity. The problem we are facing globally is the truth that humans “group think.” That’s the professional way to say, most humans live their lives and take action only because other people are doing it. Not because they are applying critical thinking and living from what they believe.

My purpose in writing you this, is to help wake your mind up. Do research, gain intelligence, and then apply it. Don’t wait for the vaccination to cure stupidly, it will never be created. The cure to living caught in a state of stupidity, is gaining intelligence and applying it.

Don’t jump off the bridge just because everyone else is doing it. Think through the consequences, the risks, and then make a decision from there. Take ownership then take action.